Rodney M
Freedom !!!
Fri Apr 14, 2017 17:21

It really scared the life out of me! But I admire its tenacity though. This just shows that where there's a will there's a way :-) . In hindsight I feel embarrassed and ashamed but I'll take " nice turn of speed and agility skills" phrases anytime:-)

  • Pig on the run!Rodney M, Thu Apr 13 13:35
    This pig nearly ruined my prep for London Marathon and Comrades. I guess it's freedom mattered the most at the time. Nearly knocked me out :-)
    • Freedom !!! — Rodney M, Fri Apr 14 17:21
    • Rodney on the runBramster, Fri Apr 14 12:17
      Lol... never seen such agility in a Comrades runner ;-)
    • Pig on the run!!shortridgedavid, Fri Apr 14 11:57
      Oh No Rodney..The Pig knew you were famous. It was looking for your autograph :-) Nice turn of speed Rodney LOL
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