steve 985
Does anyone have Andrzej's contact details?
Fri Mar 23, 2018 08:14

Hi All,

This is Steve Bage. Hopefully some of you may remember me, I was a club member from 2002 -2009 before defecting to Saaf London. I wanted to get in touch with Andrzej. Unsure if he is still a member but if not if anyone has his details I would be grateful if someone could e-mail me at Hope all well. Looks like the club is expanding even more! I don't run much now as we have a young daughter and have little spare time, but I am in the marathon and will look out for you guys on the highway on April 22nd. All the best!Steve

    • Andrzej's Detailscircuits, Mon Apr 30 14:28
      Hi Steve, I spoke to Rob, did he get back to you? Regards Tony Bunbury
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