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VPH&THAC Track 5000m Champs
Wed Aug 15, 2018 09:52

VPH&THAC Track 5000m Champs

Race 1 - Not before 19.10pm
Race 2 - Not before 19.40pm
Race 3 - Not before 20.10pm
Race 4 - Not before 20.35pm
(Times subject to change, please check again before your race!)

🔹VPH&THAC members may enter the track from 7pm.
🔹Athletes racing in the first race may meet at the entrance of track from 6.45pm onwards to register, drop bags, collect numbers and begin warming up in the QEOP, but please return at 7pm to continue warming up within the track. You will be called at 7pm and again at 7.05pm.

🔹Arrive early, allow time to sign in, collect numbers, warm up and line up to race on time.
🔹It is your responsibility to check the start time of your race.
🔹You will be called 15minutes and again 5 minutes before your race start.
🔹Please assemble near the start line at this second call.
🔹Be aware that athletes from previous races may be yet to finish. Please do not obstruct them.
🔹Races will not be delayed for athletes who miss their start time.

🔹The race will consist of 12+1/2laps of the 400m track.
🔹The start and finish line are not in the same place.
🔹The lap count board will display the LEAD runner's 'laps to go', this may be different to your own.
🔹Each athlete will be assigned a lap counter, but please count your own laps and complete them all.
🔹Lap counters may be assigned multiple athletes.
🔹Please do not distract lap counters or timekeepers.
🔹If you must withdraw from the race for any reason, please let an official know asap.

🔹Results will be collated at the end of each race and displayed on a noticeboard later in the evening. 🔹Please be patient in waiting for these. Results will also be posted on the club Facebook page and website noticeboard.
🔹Trophies and prizes will be awarded to the winners of each race.

🔹We will use the all-weather, six-lane Mondo 400-metre track.
🔹The event will be fully floodlit.
🔹The spectator stand is elevated, fully covered 300-seated with 12 wheelchair viewing seats.
🔹Male, female and two disabled changing rooms complete with showers and toilets.

🔹Water is available from 2 points at the venue, one inside and one outside.
🔹Bring a reusable bottle and help us keep this an environmentally friendly event.
🔹Use bins provided or take your rubbish home with you.

🔹We encourage you to support your fellow club members in races before or after your own.
🔹You are welcome to bring friends or family along to support.
🔹Please leave the venue by 9pm
🔹Do not leave the venue alone and avoid using the canals as a route home.
🔹Ask other members if they would like to leave together.
🔹Post-race pub for celebrations will be Howling Hops Brewery Unit 9A Queen's Yard, White Post Ln, London E9 5EN

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