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Kitty news
Sat Sep 10, 2011 00:52

George and Gracie are doing pretty well at the moment. George just had an echocardiogram and the results showed that his heart condition has worsened, which was not surprising. He is now on four drugs to manage his CHF and to prevent clots from forming in his enlarged left atrium. So far so good on the meds. Gracie's skin trouble has flared up and she has a case of itchy paws that she licks and chews on. She had a steroid shot but that didn't seem to help very much. She has not caused herself any injury but I feel bad seeing her so tormented by itching. But despite these problems they seem to be enjoying life and I guess that is the best we can hope for. Our son has moved to San Diego so we are planning an RV trip to visit him next week. All four of us will be on our way on Thursday and be gone about 10 days. That is the latest chapter in the George and Gracie story. Hope everyone is having a good summer and early fall.

    • Re: Kitty newskrissy, Sat Dec 22 02:25
      My goodness! Is it hcm? Oxox
      • Re: Kitty newsNancy, Sat Dec 22 09:27
        Hello Krissy, yes it is HCM. He was diagnosed 3 years ago and with his meds, he is doing well. We are lucky to still have him. But as long as he is having good quality of life we are grateful. He is... more
        • Re: Kitty newsAnonymous, Sat Dec 22 17:35
          Dear Nancy, My goodness, my baby Tiger Lilly has HCM, Tiger is my one year old Brown spotted Bengal baby. This news about your baby gives me a little bit of hope! as she was really sick 6 months ago, ... more
          • Re: Kitty newsNancy, Sat Dec 22 17:55
            Hi Krissy, I'm sorry to hear that your kitty has HCM so young. Every case is different. The most important thing is to keep on top of it with echocardiagrams and meds. Our kitty is on 2 heart meds, a ... more
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