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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Tue Dec 25, 2012 12:02

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a prosperous New Year!

    • The best to AllJim, Sat Jan 5 10:58
      Hey Bless you all Happy New Year.. i miss this post so bad.. Shame on all of us for letting it die.. Sabrina was five years old when we ran across this post..She is now 13 ..And we all together went... more
      • The best to allCheryl, Mon Jan 7 10:42
        Hi everybody. I'm still here, and yes Jim, I agreed that this used to be a hopping posting site. All my kitties are doing well. Molly will turn 16 (yikes...I feel old lol) in April, Max will be 15 in ... more
      • Re: The best to AllTamara, Sat Jan 5 11:07
        Wow! It doesn't seem like Sabrina should be that old already. Time really is flying. I know I've been bad about posting. I've had my hands full with caring for a kitten with severe rickets. A lot of... more
        • Name of your kitten?mlb, Tue Jan 8 19:42
          How dare they think that what you're doing is selfish! You are providing a kitten with a good life, proof of which is his happiness, love of playing with his toys, love of being cuddled. He gets to... more
          • Re: Name of your kitten?Tamara, Thu Jan 10 07:21
            The little guy is Gimpy. Right now, he's laying in his walker watching the other cats and seems quite content.
            • Gimpymlb, Tue Jan 15 09:04
              Love his name! Possible to post us a photo of the little guy? He sounds adorable. Our kitty Sunny, a non-bengal, had diabetes and was dehydrated a lot and lay around watching the others play, but... more
          • name your kittenJim, Tue Jan 8 21:15
            Tamara bless you.. MLB Your so right having two Daughters going to school and being Vet Techs..And taking in so many animals.I used to get upset about it.Now i look in their eyes and see love and... more
    • Re: Merry Christmas and Happy New Yearmlb, Wed Dec 26 08:30
      The same to you and your wonderful kitties and entire family and to everybody's elses, too! From, Marilyn, Leah, Minnie, Sasha (my part Bengal - age 8, now), and Molly (our newest kitten who enjoys... more
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