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Picture of the whole crew :)
Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:36

From left to right, Stitch (white), Frodo (back to camera), Gimpy (center), Iris (black), and Moxie. Frodo is my oldest at 6 1/2. She is my 3 legged cat. Stitch is visually impaired and has respiratory issues. Gimpy cannot walk due to a genetic disorder that doesn't allow his body to absorb calcium. Iris & Moxie have no medical issues and are both not quite 2 1/2.

    • Whole Crewmlb, Sun Jan 20 14:15
      I LOVE this photo of your kitty family members. It is so very sweet. I also enjoyed reading a bit about each one and matching fact to name to little bios. mlb
    • Picture of the whole crewCheryl, Wed Jan 16 14:25
      They are beautiful Tamara!
      • Re: Picture of the whole crewTamara, Wed Jan 16 17:09
        That's one of the few times that all 5 have been close enough together for a picture even if Frodo was facing the wrong way.
        • LoveJim, Sat Jan 19 17:08
          Tamara So So cool your the best girl.
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