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Farewell my sweet sweet Tiva
Fri Mar 8, 2013 16:52

It has been a while since I have been on this board but you all were so very helpful when I first brought home my Tiva as a kitten almost 8 years ago. Sadly about a month and a half ago Tiva was diagnosed with cancer, to the shock of both myself and the vet!!! They narrowed it down to multiple myeloma or lymphoma. I opted not to do the invasive tests to figure out which one it was since chemo and treatments only gave me 3-6 months regardless of which one it was. I have been treating her with prednisone and she seemed to respond very well the first couple weeks and I was so hopeful she would at least make it until her 8th birthday in May. Well this past weekend things took a turn for the worst. She really went down hill fast, I have to give her water with a syringe. I talked to the vet today and he agreed that it is her time to go. I do NOT want my baby girl to suffer!!! So tomorrow I will be taking her in, the appointment is at 12:40pm. Please send prayers our way as we really could use the strength. Especially me, (it is also my birthday on Monday). This pain is just unbearable, I am going to miss her dearly. This is the hardest thing I have ever done! I got her 2 months after moving out of my parents after college. My heart hurts just thinking about coming home to an empty house and Tiva not running to the door to greet me and rub her belly. Or to snuggle up in my lap while relaxing watching tv and at night when I sleep. I am sure I will wake many times missing the warmth of her body curled up next to me.

A co-worker emailed me a quote from Dr. Seuss “Don’t cry because it’s over – Smile because it happened” I keep trying to remind myself that but I am a VERY emotional person perk of being a pieces I guess and I the fact that I love her so much!!!!!!

    • Sweet TivaCheryl, Mon Mar 11 20:10
      Jennifer, I am so sorry to read about Tiva. I want you to know that I'm thinking of you. I swear by the quote from Dr. Seuss. My younger sister passed away from lung cancer at age 42. I have that... more
      • Re: Sweet TivaJennifer, Tue Mar 12 12:22
        Thank you Cheryl! I am so sorry about your sister and I plan to do the same with her picture.
    • Re: Farewell my sweet sweet TivaNancy, Sat Mar 9 11:25
      Jennifer, My heart aches for you. I know just how bad you feel. In time your memories will be of all the good times you had together. My husband and I miss George very much but we comfort ourselves... more
    • Re: Sweet Tivamlb, Sat Mar 9 01:29
      Oh, I cried when I read your message and I remember with delight reading about Tiva from time to time over the years. ((Jennifer/Tive)). I'm at a loss for words, it is so sad. But I will remember... more
    • Re: Farewell my sweet sweet TivaTamara, Fri Mar 8 17:04
      I am so sorry. I remember when you first came here when Tiva was a little thing. You gave her 8 wonderful years and losing them is always hard. Take heart that George and Tiri will be at the Rainbow... more
      • Thank youJennifer, Fri Mar 8 17:34
        Thank you for you kind words. She's getting lots of snuggles tonight!
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