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'Tina update
Tue Mar 12, 2013 23:33

Gracie and Tina are getting along quite well now. They both have the run of the house and Gracie is warming up to her new friend. It's amazing that it took only about 10 days for us to get to this point. Gracie is such a sweet cat that I was pretty sure she would come around. It also helped that Tina has become very respectful of Gracie's elder status and seniority :-). Tina seems to love it here...she is a very happy girl.


    • Tina updateCheryl, Sat Mar 16 15:34
      This is great news Nancy. It makes my heart smile that they're getting along so well. I'm happy for you all. Cheryl
    • Re: 'Tina updateTamara, Wed Mar 13 07:18
      That's wonderful news. Gracie is quite the sweet girl if she's that accepting after 10 days.
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