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Holiday Season
Sun Dec 1, 2013 07:10

The holiday season is upon us and I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who has opened their home to one or more cats. This time of year is hard for rescues and I'd like to encourage everyone to give a donation to a local rescue. The ones in the worst need of financial support are the small rescues that you see sitting in Petco/Petsmart on weekends. These small rescues don't have the well heeled donors like the SPCA and Humane Society and could definitely use help whether it be food or money.

    • Re: Holiday Seasonmlb, Fri Dec 6 17:50
      My daughter and I always visit the cats up for adoption at PetsMart. We haven't gotten one from them yet, but we have adopted rescues from our vet. I will be donating food and blankets and litter to... more
      • Holiday SeasonJim, Fri Dec 27 11:15
        Well put Tamara we also visit the kitties at Petsmart.Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.
        • PetsMartmlb, Fri Dec 27 11:32
          Jim, sounds like you enjoy the kitties at PetsMart, too. I donated a bag of dry food to them and they said they send to a distribution center in Arlington. That is cool. I will also talk to them... more
          • Re: PetsMartTamara, Fri Dec 27 20:57
            That would be wonderful :)! Kitties always love donations of food. They like toys too ;).
            • Kitty Donationsmlb, Sat Dec 28 13:25
              Oh, great idea to donate kitty toys! It never would occur to me! They can get so bored, esp. in small cages, although they get let out regularly. Thanks!
      • Re: Holiday SeasonTamara, Fri Dec 6 20:06
        That is wonderful news! You're going to give those kitties a merry christmas :).
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