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Hope everyone is well
Mon Nov 3, 2014 06:48

I hope everyone and their kitties are well.

My herd is doing well. In August, we added a tuxedo kitten. He was dumped in a local park and had started to go feral. I took him to adoptions a few times and he was so terrified that we decided to keep him.

    • Re: Hope everyone is wellmlb, Wed Nov 5 12:42
      Glad to hear your family is fine! Congrats on your new adoption. Sounds sweet. Sasha is still fine and turned 10 this summmer or was it 11? Oh, oh, gotta check vet papers. But she is still queen of... more
      • Re: Hope everyone is wellTamara, Wed Nov 5 17:04
        Time goes so quickly. My oldest turned 8 in August. Moxie & Iris both just turned 4 and Stitch is 3 1/2. Stitch & Vlad (approx 6 mos) are inseparable. It's nice that Stitch has a buddy. She has so... more
        • Your flockmlb, Wed Nov 5 19:13
          Ahhhh,how sweet baby Vlad wakes you for night cuddles! Sad for his siblings, but he has a warm, safe home and family now. Plus he loves his new brother so much. Kinda humorous how he reacts to... more
    • Re: Hope everyone is wellNancy, Tue Nov 4 01:03
      Hello Tamara, we are all doing well. Gracie is now a senior citizen kitty having turned 10 years old last month. Our new kitty Tina is now 2 and doing great. Gracie is the dominant cat although she... more
      • Re: Hope everyone is wellTamara, Wed Nov 5 16:57
        It is so hard to believe that Gracie is 10. I still remember when she was a baby having all kinds of gi issues. The important thing is Tina isn't timid with you. I have two who disappear when people... more
        • Baby Vladmlb, Thu Nov 6 13:54
          Ohhhhhhhhh,Vlad is soooo cute! I love his just-chillin'expression! --mlb
          • Re: Baby VladTamara, Thu Nov 6 14:09
            He's a real sweetie but no one who visits believes me that he actually exists. He disappears the minute someone comes in.
            • Re: Baby Vladmlb, Sun Nov 9 01:09
              Haha! That's very funny! :) mlb
            • Re: Baby VladNancy, Fri Nov 7 08:11
              That's Tina all over. Our son has never seen her except in pictures. Our son leaves his shoes by the front door and she is even afraid of his shoes. If he were here all the time she would get used to ... more
              • Re: Baby VladTamara, Fri Nov 7 09:59
                My brother stayed with us a week and he'd see Vlad on the screen porch through the slider. On his last day here, Vlad came out to the living room and watched him from a safe distance. That shyness... more
                • Re: Baby VladNancy, Fri Nov 7 14:05
                  I agree that their shyness is a survival skill. Tina was brought to the shelter along with her 7 brothers and sisters and her Mom when the babies were 6 days old. Mom and family were kept in... more
                  • Re: Baby VladTamara, Fri Nov 7 16:29
                    That sounds reasonable. Bengals do seem to be extremely social cats. I know Tiri would greet everyone who came to visit. Vlad spends most of his time on me on in eyesight of me unless he's busy... more
        • Re: Hope everyone is wellNancy, Wed Nov 5 17:13
          He is so cute. I love Tuxedo cats. My very first kitty (I got him in 1948) was a tuxedo. Gracie still has some GI issues but it is kept in control by periodic Prednisone shots. Otherwise she has... more
          • Tuxedomlb, Thu Nov 6 13:57
            We had a tuxedo, Sunny, and he was a diabetic. Leah insisted we adopt him. So we did. Had to give him 2 insulin injections/day. He was 6 when we got him, and 10 when he passed. Glad we had him during ... more
            • Re: TuxedoNancy, Thu Nov 6 16:00
              I know how you feel. We miss our George very much. He has a special place in our hearts. He was our rascal.
              • Re: Tuxedomlb, Mon Nov 10 12:26
                Ahhhh, your little "rascal"!! When you have time post some anecdotes on the rascal part of him - would love to read about some of his antics! mlb
                • Re: TuxedoNancy, Mon Nov 10 15:24
                  George was a very dominant cat. He even tried to dominate the two of us. He would try to get me up in the mornings by getting up on the bed and stand right near my ear and meow as loud as he could.... more
                  • Georgemlb, Thu Nov 13 21:58
                    What a wonderful character he was! I know what you mean about having him back if you could, biting included. I wish to have my passed pets too, with all their idiosynchrasies. Bittersweet memories.... more
                  • Re: TuxedoTamara, Thu Nov 13 07:48
                    Funny you mention biting. Tiri was a biter and a greeter too.
          • Re: Hope everyone is wellTamara, Wed Nov 5 17:31
            My first cat was a tuxedo named Mischief. I got her in college. My mom was not a cat person so I had to wait until I was on my own. Of my current crew, Frodo is the only one with issues (massive flea ... more
            • Re: Hope everyone is wellNancy, Wed Nov 5 19:00
              Poor Frodo! I hope there is some treatment for that problem. Gracie's daily vomiting was caused by IBD. We had an ultrasound of her intestinal tract and found out the cause. The prednisone shot works ... more
      • Re: Hope everyone is wellmlb, Wed Nov 5 12:35
        Love your update on Gracie and Tina. Been a long time! We all should stay in touch better, although we are all probably in busy times! - mlb
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