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My Sasha
Sat May 21, 2016 19:03

My wonderful Sasha, probably part Bengal, has a high lymphocyte count with some abnormalities. I will make an appt for an ultrasound so they can look at her liver and spleen. She is behaving normally, but has lost weight though stable now for a month. She has a high normal thyroid count, but it's the lymphocytes that is the alarming thing. She will be 13 in July. This is awful. I keep crying.

    • SashaJim, Tue May 24 01:38
      Sending Vibes and Prayers.
      • Re: Sashaskyqueen19, Tue May 24 08:53
        Ah, thanks a bunch, Jim!!! -- Marilyn
      • Re: Sashaskyqueen19, Tue May 24 08:52
        Thanks so much, Tamara! I'm trying to be optimistic and enjoying every minute with her. Don't we wish they had longer lifespans?! -- Marilyn
        • Re: SashaTamara, Wed May 25 06:44
          I wish they could be with us longer. There isn't a day that I don't miss Tiri.
          • Tiriskyqueen19, Wed May 25 14:30
            I remember reading your posts about Tiri!!! Many of them made me laugh!
            • Re: TiriTamara, Wed May 25 21:44
              She was a character. Nothing phased her. She loved riding in the car, staying in hotels, dogs and was smart too.
    • Re: My SashaTamara, Sun May 22 06:42
      Poor Sasha :(. I'm send lots of healing vibes and prayers that she can be treated. Please keep us updated on how she is.
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