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Urethral sounding/stretching
Sun Jul 18, 2004 17:34 (XFF:

Some ideas. First wash with soap, rinse well! Use a water based lubricant such as KY jelly both on the tip of your penis and the sound.The set of Hegars is a good idea,smooth and made for the job. Do NOT use a too small one-it can be easy to do damage;the small ones are for their original use by professionals. Start with one that comfortably just fits the urethral opening,usual advice is to let gravity take it in but I find GENTLE help useful. If at this stage you are not erect(!!) pull the glans a little,it straightens the way. These sounds are not designed to go on into the Prostate and Bladder which is a job for the experienced.
Increase the sizes gradually,there is no pleasure in actual pain or tearing tissues.The urethral opening is normally the smallest part of the plumbing-unless meatotomised. If you have had a urethral infection it may have left a narrowing,in which case blush and see your GP.
You can leave the sound in really as long as you like,but,as they say listen to your body and stop if it is getting uncomfortable.It is a good idea to have drunk a fair bit of fluids so you can pee to wash it out at the end.
For a sound to keep in for a while get a Prince's Wand-reccomended! Enjoy. Mike.

  • urethral sounds/stretchingj, Sat Jul 17 03:03
    Can anyone help me here. I'm a male, very interested in urethral stretching. I've seen the sets of hagar sounds available on here, can anyone tell me how long stretching takes and at what pace I... more
    • Re: urethral sounds/stretchingCharlie, Fri Jan 25 20:08
      Hi saw ur add.yes I can help u.i use sounds alot.i have hagers,pratts too.352 800 9682 it takes a while to stretch ur hole.mime ia half in. now.i love soundn and sucking too.if u wont a talk or meet... more
    • SoundingCharlie, Fri Jan 25 19:37
      Hi I been sounding for few just got able to insert my 14mm hager.i love sounding. Just receved my new. ele.ctem .ric vib. Sounditz the big one.Email me at
    • streching using soundscharlie, Tue Jun 1 11:38
      hi it takes a while to actually strech ur urethral opening;but make sure ur sounds are very clean each time of use.infections hurt;i have a set of hagers and love them.iam now using a size 13mm... more
      • cock soundinggarywells, Sun Nov 5 17:07
        hi I have now a 10mm sound and I'm trying to get bigger I do no have a very big penis I know it will not get bigger but I would like to make the eye bigger any ideas to help gary
    • Sound StretchingAnonymous, Tue Jun 1 03:41
      I usually wait till I get pre-cum juices going during masturbation. If you dont use pre-cum for your lubricant you might want to use a lube of some sorts pussy juices work fine to if you have access... more
      • Sound Stretchingcronshey, Tue Jun 1 05:41
        My friend- What you have narrated to us on this web site is something that those that fallow this web site already know. Welcome to the club. I too learn your way lots of trial and error. Stretching... more
    • SOUNDING STRECHINGcharlie52, Fri May 7 19:17
      hi answering ur questions start out slow use the smallest one work at it till it goes in without forcing it.when ur urethral starts to strech then move to the next size,be sure to keep ur sounds very ... more
      • id love to chat :)Anonymous, Thu Feb 19 10:11
        do you have watsap id love to send pics and you send me pics im onl 18 and im still new to all this ive been oing urethra sounding for about 2 years now and id love some tips and tricks please
      • soundingrjw, Mon Apr 22 15:40
        I am new to sounding and get a lot of pleasure from it, I would love to double sound with someone,but I don't know anyone into it. is there a urethral speculum available?
        • soundingbobzzyyxx, Tue Apr 23 12:16
          • soundingUrethral player, Sat Oct 10 05:52
            Can you tell me how to use sounds? I have had catheters inserted medically and tried myself afterwards. It doesn't seem to want to go in far enough! Any help would be nice.
            • sounding charlie, Sun Oct 11 20:46
              hi saw your question on sounding; i too sound and have now for yrs. the best way i know who to start sounding is with real medical sounds you can but on line,they are indeed the best. start out with... more
              • Re: sounding Anonymous, Mon Oct 26 06:08
                Thank you am currently using hegar myself. 14 fr I think. Is it ok to sound prostate?
                • sounding charlie, Mon Oct 26 14:29
                  all i know is i love sounding better than having sex; though both are great to me. iam working to move up to a 15mm hager sound and believe me it is rough going at times.. but i will get there in... more
      • HelloAnonymous, Tue Jan 4 22:59
        I am very interested in sounding as well. Can you send me some of your work?
      • sounding picsDan, Fri Sep 3 12:18
        Hi Charlie!! I called you this morning and requested pics of sounding. could you please send me some pics!! I am very interested in sounding and stretching. Thanks Hope to hear from you soon DAN
        • mens skirts how many men wear themcharlie, Sun Oct 17 16:36
          hi i was wondering if there are any men out there who wears skirts? or who will admit wearing them?? our history tells us that in ol times it was the men who worn skirts and not the women as alot are ... more
        • Picturescronshey, Sat Sep 4 18:16
          Dan- I have some pic you my like to see. get in touch.
        • my photos charlie, Sat Sep 4 15:53
          hi dan; got ur reply though i need you to send me an e-mail to my e-mail address listed with a photo of ur self to prove ur an adult before i send out any photos of myself to you.i will be happy to... more
      • ever cum w/ a sound in?phd, Tue Mar 23 21:44
        Has anyone ever cum with a sound in. I've found a small vib inserted in my ass to the point it contacts my prostate can make me cum, and they have Andros stimulators.what would happen if your... more
        • ever cum w/ a sound in?Tom, Mon Jul 16 15:49
          Yes, I have. And it was even while partying when I don't normally get hard and cum. But this guy had worked my dick up to 11mm sound and was working it in and out of me. I ended up getting extremely... more
        • Cum with sound inAnonymous, Tue Jun 1 03:48
          God I love it that way!!! Put the aound right in the middle of your prostate when you are ready to shoot semen, then stroke like a whore does when she sees you are ready to give her some cum. I like... more
        • Sounder In Cumkamera9, Wed Mar 24 05:45
          Hey Bro, Yeah I do it all the time some time just using the rod or sounder tub to do all the 'jakin' till that load pushes that rod right out; or if I got the tub down inside there the jiz will shoot ... more
          • Cumming with a sound insertedcronshey, Thu Mar 25 15:53
            I too have this happen. It is very pleasureful. If the sound is large the cum will work its way around it, or push the sound out. One of the far eastern religions, not sure which one, Buddhist,Shinto ... more
    • sounds and vibsAnonymous, Thu Nov 27 04:42
      hi i bought a urethral vibator and i love it,it is so relaxing to use it,but it needs to be fatter and longer,only thing is the bigger ones cost alot and iam on a fixed imcome.are there any cheaper... more
    • urethral stretchingdinny, Sun Sep 3 22:54
      j i read all the responses to your original post, and everyone seemed to have given you the historical perspective on how they started. I didn't have anyone to show me the hows and whys, i found an... more
      • urethral stretching/soundsfunX, Sat Aug 21 10:43
        Hi, I have a fascination with urethral stretching/sounding and want to thank-you for your input. I have been experimenting with various instruments 'cos the professional ones are expensive and well,... more
        • SOUNDING STRECHINGcharlie, Sun Aug 22 14:19
          hi got ur email; ok,first it is very dangerous to use anything other than sounds down ur cock hole.and as for cleaning goes;be sure to clean ur sounds;it is very important for anyone to do so if ur... more
      • thanksrjpxxxx, Fri Jul 18 22:20
        The idea of bleeding never occurred to me until it occurred to my penis after sounding just a little too vigorously.cWhen I took a leak it hurt like hell as blood and urine were discharged. But it... more
        • Re: thanksAnonymous, Mon Nov 17 02:52
          how long did it take for your pissing not to hurt? the same thing happened to me and it burns.
    • urethal soundsjon, Tue Jun 21 22:11
      no experince in use of these would like to see or watch this being done? any place near north east texas to see this at work? very closet and discreet.
      • sounding charlie, Thu Aug 22 21:39
        Hi charlie here..boy its been a while.but been busy, just got done using my urethral sounds I'm now up to using size 14 mm hagers, and I love it too.better than sex any day..I like using my sound... more
        • Re: sounding Anonymous, Fri Aug 23 12:44
          • soundingcharlie, Sun Oct 6 22:02
            Yes i would love hearing from you any time and hearing ur ideals.
      • Urethral SoundsRam, Fri Mar 3 20:13
        I have used these a lot and quite enjoy feeling. It is both very naughty and pleasure pain at the same time. These can range from a surgical catheter to a glass swizzle stick or a chain from a bath... more
    • Re: urethral sounds/stretchingSavedade, Mon Feb 14 03:10
      I have been sounding for several months and find it very gratifying. I would suggest finding a dominant that has experience in sounding. I was fortunate to find a wonderful mentor who was very... more
      • mentorandy, Wed Aug 5 04:41
        you wrote: "I was fortunate to find a wonderful mentor who was very helpful." Where and how? I would not know where to begin to search for such a person. I don't care if it's male or female although... more
    • BIG CLITAnonymous, Fri Oct 1 22:41
      • Brazil WomenJudson, Thu Dec 8 19:09
        I would love to chat with Braxil Women. Please e-mail me.
    • urethal stretchingD, Thu Aug 12 15:39
      Hi I was first introduced to this sport by a Dom Mistress who inserted an electrode into me during our serious playtime. It scared me at first but I just did not stop thinking about it. Later on a... more
      • HUGE CLITBIG BOOBIES, Fri Oct 1 22:42
      • Experience of urethal stretchingD, Fri Sep 17 20:45
        Well fortuneatly My Beatiful Mistress decided to work the 10mm dipstick into me instead of going straight away for the 12mm. Strapped face up on her torture table she lays across me and works the rod ... more
        • use of soundscharlie in tavares,fl., Wed Apr 28 16:34
          hi read ur add,it sounds like you will or have already moved to 12mm now.are you using pratt sounds? i have a set of them too that i no longer use,sence buying my hager sounds.hager"s are shorter and ... more
          • lubes charlie, Fri May 7 19:07
            hi iam writing to ask all ur readers some questions about lubes and use of sounds to stretch ones urethral opening; i have been using sounds for some yr.s now;and though i love doing it i worry about ... more
            • lubeaztabufantasyfan, Mon Oct 5 01:41
              Surgigel, sterile and cheap, Amazon.
            • lubeaztabufantasyfan, Mon Oct 5 01:41
              Surgigel, steril and cheap, Amazon.
      • Re: urethal stretchingD, Fri Sep 17 20:44
        Well fortuneatly My Beatiful Mistress decided to work the 10mm dipstick into me instead of going straight away for the 12mm. Strapped face up on her torture table she lays across me and works the rod ... more
        • urethal stretchingJJ, Wed Dec 15 01:59
          OK, I've read all the responses, but what is the purpose of all this stretching?
          • urethral stretchingTantricsquirt, Tue Dec 28 02:47
            JJ: I started using the urethral insertables simply to widen my sexual experience. I certainly did not intend to stretch my urethra. I just wanted to try something different. So I acquired several of ... more
            • Urethral stretchinePOD, Mon May 15 17:10
              I filled a long, thin balloon with ball bearings and inserted it into my piss hole and ...ed my girlfriend with them inside and it drove her crazy with pleasure. She never let me stick it in her ass... more
    • Urethral sounding/stretching — Mike, Sun Jul 18 17:34
      • urethral/sounding stretchingean, Fri Oct 28 13:12
        Hi just got in to this really like it, is there any length of time you can leave the sound in ? if I use a through hole one, I can take a 9mm one at the moment but looking to go bigger soon as
        • Re: Cock Soundingpapamoawave, Sat Oct 29 05:39
          Hi there, yip I'd certainly believe you when you say that you like cock sounding. Been into it for 2 years myself & now sell cock sounding tools in New Zealand. Best by far solo male sex play that... more
          • urethral/sounding stretchingean, Sat Oct 29 07:04
            HI there, I'm really interested in your offer of your manuals as I like this experience very much and I'm interested to find out more on the subject so how do I get your manuals please,like I said... more
            • Re: Cock Soundingpapamoawave, Sun Oct 30 06:02
              Hi there again!!! sorry I don't know your name?? Acknowledge that you so obviously like your cock sounding experience (kool) & are interested in picking up my cock sounding manuals & accordingly I'm... more
              • urethral/sounding stretchingean, Sun Oct 30 10:51
                Hi Brendon I have just emailed you looking forward to you help and advice on this subject
      • urethral soundsanonymous, Wed Nov 18 21:01
        Does anyone know where I can buy larger then 43 fr sounds. I am working on the 43 fr and will need larger ones soon.
      • Soundingaztabufantasyfan, Mon Oct 5 01:30
        Im getting into this pretty heavy and have pix to share if you have same.Love to chat about it too.
        • Soundingsndmn, Tue Mar 29 00:38
          I just started sounding and love it. After 3 times, I went from a 5mm to barely a 9mm. I finally got it to go. The next night, I returned to the 9, and left it there for an hour, slowly rotating it... more
          • soundinglrghle, Fri Apr 1 00:38
            I started sounding years ago (that's another story) and stopped and i'm doing it again and really enjoying it. I find that if I skip a day in between sometimes 2 days its much smoother
            • soundingsndmn, Fri Apr 1 01:14
              I skipped yesterday, I'll give it a go tonight. The 9mm I used was actually a 9/10mm, in the Hegar set. Got it in, all but an inch or so. I also bought from Amazon, a Bakes Rosebud set, a long thin... more
              • soundinglrghle, Fri Apr 1 21:01
                I'm glad your enjoying this. I want to ask you is it self satisfaction the reason that your into this? Don't get me wrong what ever your reason is its ok. I havnt gone as far as massaging my... more
        • emailaztabufantasyfan, Mon Oct 5 01:31

      • streching and sounding charlie, Tue Jan 28 22:09
        hi guys and gals; iam charlie and i have bbeen sounding now for about 10yrs.maybe longer.anyways i first started using knitting needles which i quicky learned was dangerous.i started using hager... more
      • slittig t penis head wth razor bladecaptaintom, Fri Oct 5 01:09
        Being inpatient, I am cutting my peehole with a razor 3/16 in. at a time. I am on my 3rd cut with no problems. I am using lycodine to prevent any pain. Has anybody else done this? In three weeks I am ... more
        • Peehole cuttingBill, Wed Apr 5 11:47
          Hi how is the peehole cutting going.
      • Re: Urethral sounding/stretchinganon expert, Thu Oct 27 12:01
        enjoy and spread around the net ;)
      • urethral streching/soundscharlie, Tue Jan 25 16:55
        hi again guys; iam charlie;anyways i have been into streching my urethral opening for years now.and i just got to where i can insert my 13mm hager in half way without much of a problem.and loving it... more
      • stretching stickdon, Mon Nov 15 01:41
        I got the Stretching Stick, it has graduated bumps along the shaft. It is great to watch your progress while stretching out the Meatus. You have to take it slow, slow, slow. It take time. If you rush ... more
        • streching the urethral holecharlie, Mon Nov 15 13:39
          hi and thanks for ur e-mail too.always glad to hear from other's who injoy a morning strech.ur right too;one must be careful and go slow..but you never said how wide ur urethral opening now is.i take ... more
      • urethral soundingJames, Sat Aug 14 13:27
        I tried sounding for the fist time yesterday. First I am a 61yo male and my erections are no where as hard as they used to be and the volume of semen I produce has greatly decreased over the years. I ... more
        • soundingdookie, Wed Aug 18 19:02
          Hey man , Glad to hear that you can go there with your wife by your side !! Regular sounds feel better . But anyway you can play is great ! More power to you , and her !!!
          • thanks;charlie, Thu Aug 19 16:21
            hey friend; i recived ur email;but im not who you were trying to reach;but thanks again;im not married #1;and i don;t know what ur talking about #2....but its all cool im glad to be told i did... more
        • SOUNDING STRECHINGcharlie, Sun Aug 15 15:26
          hi; just read ur add about ur first time sounding.sounds like your wife injoyed it more than you.i too sound every so oftan,and i injoy it alot.but you must be very careful due to infections..i been... more
      • urethral sounding dangers Carl , Tue Jun 29 07:15
        WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING URETHRAL SOUNDING DANGERS If I save even one man from the agony, pain and embarrassment of what I just went through by urethral sounding I will be... more
        • Re: urethral sounding dangers Anonymous, Fri Jan 5 18:18
          I've been sounding and stretching my urethra for years. If you use clean tools lots of lube and don't overdo it I've never had a problem.
        • Dangers?aroberts1000, Mon Feb 2 19:53
          After an accident resulted in a temporary foley and the ongoing need to use a foley and/or straight cath sometimes it was awful! Changing the foley lead to bleeding a couple of times, hated it. Then... more
        • SOUNDING STRECHINGcharlie, Thu Jul 1 19:37
          hi iam writing this to imform all the reader's that if your thinking about using sounds or streching your urethral opening.if your serious about trying it you really should talk it over with your... more
        • urethral blockheadkamera9, Thu Jul 1 02:58
          Hey Urethral blockhead, If you had a history of penis problyms...what the hell were Ya around with it any way; I don't think your dick is the only thing messed up...glad your insured..but I... more
          • ur comment charlie, Thu Jul 1 17:56
            hi got ur rude reply to my comment and i can see that you do not know what your taalking about when it comes to the use of sounds,or talking to others as well.your reply is at the least un called... more
            • Sorrykamera9, Thu Jul 1 19:32
              Hey Bro, Hold back one hot-flash I only meant to tell others (i.e.) you too; that messing with an area of one's body is a tricky thing at best... You had a blockage that was "professionally" taken... more
              • your e-mail bout soundingcharlie, Thu Jul 1 19:49
                ok; iam sorry too. got ur last email bout my use of sounds.and why i use them as well;what you did not know is i have been trained in the medical fields on the use of sounds.and iam not just out here ... more
        • urethral play/soundingcharlie, Wed Jun 30 18:18
          hi; read ur letter about ur pains,sorry that you had to go through all that you did and are going through..i will be the first to admit that sounding can be dangerous;and less one knows what there... more
      • Urethral stretchinghannah.furniss, Mon Oct 26 13:51
        Hi i woundered if anyone could help me, my boyfriend is into stretching and i wanted to get him a gift for christmas. I have seen an image of a clear plastic spring stretcher that looks like he could ... more
      • HELP!Anonymous, Thu Aug 27 17:42
        so i was using a thin artists paitbrush.. stupidly.. and think i pushed i too far because when i pulled it out a hell of a lot of blood came out.. will this heal?! what about infection etc.. whats... more
        • HELPCHARLIE, Sun Jan 31 19:43
        • urethral stretchingdookie, Tue Oct 27 06:32
          Anonymous,Please don't use things like wooden sticks and such. At least use something smooth.I can't say for sure what happened, but urinate a lot. That'll keep it clean as urine is sterile. If not... more
          • ahhh helpAnonymous, Wed Dec 30 03:11
            the same thing happened to me just now so much blood i am really in panic dudes... it stopped bleeding but i really feal shitty now... my bed is all messed up... probably have to get new covers...... more
            • i too bleed when i first tried sounding charlie , Wed Aug 27 21:30
              hi that scares anyone to start bleeding from sticking things in ones peehole.i also used things like knitting needles too at first and coused me to bleed alot for days; bad too..but i didnot goto the ... more
            • blooddookie, Wed Dec 30 07:05
              Anon.What were you doing? Urethral play? I've done the same thing.It's alright. You're probably in some mild form of shock. Find something smooth, please!
              • vast amounts of bloodAnonymous, Wed Dec 30 16:48
                This was really scary never seen so much blood don't know how it came to that because it didn really hurt... I had a leak 3h after and my urine looked pretty ok hurt bit but not extremely. I was... more
                • can you still get a hard on?charlie , Wed Aug 27 21:37
                  wow that sucks;it did the sameto me too yrs.ago; can you still get hard on though? hope it didnot mess you up in that part.. iam a diabetic so i cant anyways,have not in yrs now.but i dont miss it... more
                • how much blood - how far did you goDan, Mon May 19 05:44
                  How far did you insert the sound? Do you think you reached the prostate? I just had my own scary experience. I was using a professionally made sound and got all the way to my prostate. I was moving... more
                • Bloodcronshey, Thu Dec 31 11:13
                  I think you were in shock. Don't panic. Go slow. It takes time. Once you get past the head of your penis, the urethra is flexible and it should have no trouble in accepting a larger object.... more
                • blooddookie, Thu Dec 31 06:12
                  Dude, Looks like you got your clue phone rang. You learned a few things. Safety being one of them. I did something similar.Probing my pe hole and ruptured my urethra.Shot blood about 3 ft.from my... more
          • Re: urethral stretchingAnonymous, Tue Oct 27 12:15
            hey man thanks for the reply. it actually healed in about 3 or so day, kinda gross with all the blood at first but since then i purchased a proper sound and it feels amazing. cheers for that mate.
        • Helpcronshey, Fri Aug 28 17:52
          Send me an E-mail and we will talk.
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