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Prostae milking
Wed Oct 5, 2005 09:43 (XFF:

I would love to try it, can you tell me more - I live in the North of England too

  • Ptostate milkingRobertab, Mon Jun 6 10:33
    Anyone with any experience of this. I do it to myself quite regularly but am not sure if I am doing it right. I live in the North of England and if anyone is into this and wants to join me and show... more
    • Prostae milking — John, Wed Oct 5 09:43
      • MilkingBob, Mon Jul 24 13:02
        I do not know very much just that I love having objects inserted into my anus and some make me leak loads of cum but some say that you can achieve a cum without touching your cock and others say that ... more
        • MilkingJohn, Mon Jul 24 18:11
          Bob Would love to make contact and experiment with you John
          • Prostate MilkingBob, Fri Oct 10 16:29
            Hello John or anyone else interested in this subject. I live in Leeds in the North of England and would love someone to milk me or show me how it is done properly, in return I would be most grateful... more
            • whats pro.milking? charlie, Thu Oct 18 17:49
              hi what is pro.milking? i never heard of it..but sounds like fun is it really? iam game to learn how?
      • Milkingsport1540, Fri Jul 21 16:01
        when I do it I only get a very small amount, less than a teaspoon. Am I doing it wrong?
      • Re: Prostae milkingAnonymous, Mon Dec 19 02:43
        Just seen your reply on Sin Central my e mail is get in touch if you would like to meet up. Bob
    • milkingWMT, Sun Jun 19 06:48
      I suppose that you've hit on a great way (massaging the prostate)to increase the amount of ejaculate. Now, if your saving this ejaculate for any reason, be sure to put it in the fridge. It will spoil ... more
      • Prostate massageJohn, Thu Nov 10 08:16
        I would love to have someone show me how to milk my prostate
      • Prostate MilkingBobby, Sun Jun 19 07:07
        Thank you for your response. Yes I intend to enjoy every moment. Problem is that I need someone to enjoy this experience with. Anyone out there in England PLEASE Bob
        • Milking your prostateManuel, Thu Sep 16 17:29
          Hi there I am in England, London. may be you would like to meet and have a prostate milking and see how it is. Let me know. Manuel
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