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You can find urethral sounds at Chase Union, Kinky Medical, Medical Toys, etc. Type "urethral sounds" into Google and various sites will pop up. There are various types of urethral sounds. Read each of the sites and determine which one is right for you. Also, follow the guidelines for everything being sterile and safe. Properly done, use of sounds is very enjoyable.

If you enjoy the tubing, you probably would enjoy catheterization as well. You might consider visiting a professional Domme who does catheterization to have her introduce you to it.

Good luck.

  • Urethral PenetrationIgnorant, Sat Dec 3 07:48
    I have done this since I was pretty young and as a straight male I never shared this with anyone. You used the word "sound" what is that? Where can one find this? I have been using a length of 18... more
    • Fuller the SounderKD, Wed Sep 16 06:44
      Hey Ignorant, Are Ya still into this prob, prod, sounding? well I'm an long timer at it too but sure would like any mew & or interesting stuff about it; I'm a bi guy and my wife dose it fore me some... more
    • Urethral PenetrationMacVicar901, Fri Mar 6 21:36
      Hi. I appreciate your letter. I always wondered what to use. I like the idea of thermometers and the clear rubber model airplane fuel line. Explain to me the silicone tubing. And what do you use as a ... more
    • sounds — Ted, Tue Dec 13 02:06
      • Sound AlternativeIgnorant, Sat Dec 31 06:41
        Thanks for the info Ted! I have done some searching on the "sounds" and found a very effective and cheap alternitive of this at a local Bar supply store near the house. SWIZZLE sticks, or stir... more
        • Glass Stir wandsKD, Wed Sep 16 06:26
          Hey thaqt's what I started out using but were did Ya find them that are big in dia. the one I have & still use is only about 1"1/4 around. If Ya have any new prob toys let me know. Stay safe, KD
        • soundspaul, Sun Mar 5 13:12
          hi all--i have had an interest in medical urologics for many years, and have been cathed and dilated and urodynamics have been performed! WHAT A FEELING! cAN'T GET ENUF, ESP WHEN THE LADIES ARE... more
          • Sound Alternativespotatohead, Tue Mar 21 00:49
            I have found that 1/4" clear (ice maker) tubing works great when the end has been rounded / sanded and polished smooth. I started with that, then moved up to 3/8" tubing, same end treatment. Most... more
            • soundingdookie, Wed Aug 5 23:21
              Howdy potatohead,I've used phone wire cable with the wire removed and the end melted shut. In fact, being a novice, I put so much in my urethra that I reached my bladder. When I tried to remove it,it ... more
              • Reply 2 DookieKD, Sun Oct 25 00:52
                Hey Dookie, Thanks fore the reply Bro I will admit I'm really not all that knowledgeable about the ways & don't, I just know what I like and this sure works works fore me. I'd like to exchange more... more
              • soundingdookie, Thu Oct 22 23:36
                Hi fellow dicksters. Yes, very pleasurable to feel your dick filled with stainless steel. Finally got a set of sounds and just the act of insertion is unbelievable. It would be fun to share with... more
                • Re: soundingAnonymous, Fri Dec 17 09:20
                  resin solder twisted into nots everfew inches , is real nice shoved in and out of hot cock, dipped in vicks , be care full after a few weeks , as solder will break down, should be dicarded after a... more
        • Sound AlternativeTed, Tue Jan 3 19:13
          The glass stir sticks do work well. One caution, though: be very careful of them. The plumbing is not a straight line. If you crack or break them, you could have pain in your urethra for the rest of... more
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