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A look into body art
Mon Feb 27, 2006 14:03 (XFF:

Since the age of 17 I have had many people look at me in a negative light because I had choosen to have the eye of knowledge tattooed on my left middle finger. As an eternal questor for higher learing I wanted to express my desire to know all thinking people would recognize such a widely known symbol and respect the thought behind it. Now at the age of 38 I have more degrees than a thermometor in 11 different catagories including science, engineering, computers, psychology, criminal justice, and the list goes on. I have done seminars for universities from sea to shining sea, am a published author and poet and will soon have my doctrite in information technolgies, but am still often looked upon as an idiot by people who can only dream of achieving what I have achieved simply because of the tattoo on my finger. Well in my humble opionion, THAT SUCKS! So last year I decided to start a little something that will hopefully someday, if we can get it off the ground and do it right, enlighten people to the ultimate form of free speech and self expression. I created a special broadcast on the web that would take an uncut, raw and real look into the world of body art. You can get a preview of what is going on at and if we can generate enough interest in the show, a new and much better season will be coming late this spring. If you want to make a comment or suggestion about the show, just drop me a line at
Best Regards
C-U-N Cibr-Spce

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