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Fri Jul 21, 2006 16:01 (XFF:

when I do it I only get a very small amount, less than a teaspoon. Am I doing it wrong?

  • Prostae milkingJohn, Wed Oct 5 09:43
    I would love to try it, can you tell me more - I live in the North of England too
    • MilkingBob, Mon Jul 24 13:02
      I do not know very much just that I love having objects inserted into my anus and some make me leak loads of cum but some say that you can achieve a cum without touching your cock and others say that ... more
      • MilkingJohn, Mon Jul 24 18:11
        Bob Would love to make contact and experiment with you John
        • Prostate MilkingBob, Fri Oct 10 16:29
          Hello John or anyone else interested in this subject. I live in Leeds in the North of England and would love someone to milk me or show me how it is done properly, in return I would be most grateful... more
          • whats pro.milking? charlie, Thu Oct 18 17:49
            hi what is pro.milking? i never heard of it..but sounds like fun is it really? iam game to learn how?
    • Milking — sport1540, Fri Jul 21 16:01
    • Re: Prostae milkingAnonymous, Mon Dec 19 02:43
      Just seen your reply on Sin Central my e mail is get in touch if you would like to meet up. Bob
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