penis play
Thu Mar 5, 2009 20:03 (XFF:

Hi. Im new here to this site and to the fantasy of penis penetration.

I discovered the pleasure/pain when at my urologist. He used a camera tube to check out my bladder.

I loved everything about that traumatic first time experience.

From the lube cascading down my balls and inner thighs and asshole, the male doctor holding my penis, the camera going up the urethra and penetrating the bladder, to the feeling of having to pee.

I felt that pain for hours. I was being turned on as I could feel the sensation even as I pee'd through out the day.

Kinda like feeling a good hard ass ... for hours afterward.

I am new to this and tried a q-tip with vasaline. I tried the tip of my finger after seeing it done in porn.

But I couldn't get the finger to penetrate like the movie.

Any suggestions as to toys, lubes, and such.

  • urehral penetrationmarc, Wed Mar 28 15:27
    I als would like te meet people with the same interest. I love to plat with my peehole en penentrate it with different objects. I love to hear from you....
    • Re: urehral penetrationgary , Sat Apr 17 17:13
      I can get a babys dummmy in the eye of my dick if tou would like to nknow more please mail
      • babys dummmygary, Sat Jul 28 04:38
        what is a baby's dummmy?
      • Urehral Renetrationcronshey, Mon Apr 19 00:42
        Gary- I would like to know more. What is a baby,s dummy? My be I am the dummy. Tell us more Gary your messages was short. I am interested. Tell us more. Your friend.
    • use of deifferant things in pee holecharlie, Thu Feb 11 16:48
      hi read ur post and decieded to comment to you,i hope that ur now using sounds now instead of other objects such as knitting needles,pens,or what ever? sounds are much safer and made to use in ones... more
    • Pisshole Stuffkamera9, Tue Dec 15 23:05
      Hey Bro, I would/wood like to meet other men that also, stuff things in & out of their dicks/prods,penis, pecker,dongs, shaft the good hot juice squirts out of on to or in to; depending on the place... more
      • Pisshole Stuffrahines37, Fri Jun 10 19:47
        Hi I just joined, I have been sounding my cock for 15 yrs off and on. I just purchased a set of van buren sounds. I would also like to meet or email other dudes into sounding. my contact email is:... more
      • i sound my pee hole toocharlie, Mon Feb 1 22:46
        hi yes i use sounds in my pee hole too have done it for sometime now i love it too,iam trying to strech it to where i can stick my finger down it,right now i can stick my little finger in about a... more
        • Re: i sound my pee hole tooAnonymous, Fri Dec 17 08:50
          love it but then Im only 73,, tv airel is good , use vick as lub no prob , give it heaps ,,, love it , better than sex ,also car push rods , vicks stops in fiction
          • Re: i sound my pee hole tooAnonymous, Fri Dec 17 09:04
            ti your balls up real tight , make them turn blue , love it at 73, every 3 days , drives me mad , cant get enough ,,, use vicks as lub , no doctors and no infection ,,11inch steel rod or flower... more
            • Burning after soundingAnonymous, Mon Jun 13 18:24
              Hi Why does it burn after sounding When i piss it burns I use alot of lub but still burns! I love sounding it is so hot and i dont want to stop
              • burningcharlie, Wed Jun 15 12:23
                hi burning; it sounds like one or two things. one it could be where ur hole is streaching inside widening,or it could be a infection.which i would beleive thats why it burns,if u didnot clean ur... more
              • Burning Sensationcronshey, Wed Jun 15 02:04
              • answerdidier, Tue Jun 14 07:07
                is your lub Good? is your sound thick?....too much..thick ? Excuse my too bad english kisses didier
        • Bat Up Bell-freekamera9, Tue Feb 2 03:19
          I look to see what ya got Bro, send some pixs of Ya over to us lets have a look at what Ya got; just show me the finger insurting your pisshole bit, first then we'll talk about Ya with any stuff up... more
    • Prodding our Peehole's Kam, Wed Sep 16 05:45
      I have been doing penis penetration from when a buddy was doing it to himself once when we were all having a guy video JO party. We all checked it out as it looked like it would hurt, some of the... more
    • Penis Playcronshey, Fri Aug 21 14:18
      Contact me I am interested in discussing it with you. Bob
      • Re: Penis PlayRobert Bottrill, Wed Sep 23 11:26
        Hi Thank you for your message and the interest shown in penis play and penetration. It is a subject that has fascinated me for a long time. I recently had a hernia operation and had to be... more
    • penis play — MacVicar901, Thu Mar 5 20:03
      • Penis Penitrationcronshey, Wed Aug 19 22:27
        I have done penis play for a long time. I am old hand at penis insurtion. Love to discuss it with you. I have made my hole bigger and it helps. I use sounds and electric stimlation. It's really great.
        • penis urethral streching.MacVicar901, Sat Dec 12 17:38
          How do you stretch a pee hole. The only way I have done it so far is by getting used to one size then advancing to a thicker size instrument. I am working on stretching my urethra but it seems to be... more
          • streching the urethral holecharlie, Wed Apr 21 16:30
            hi charlie here;i have streched my urethral opening to a size 13 in hager sounds now,and though i just gotton up to that size iam planning to open it up even larger,my goal is a 18 in hager which is... more
            • Please send me picsSubir Singha, Mon Nov 5 07:32
              Hello Charlie, I am very pleased to read your massage and I am now fan of you.Please send me the picture of those.I will be very greatfull of you. Thank you Subir
            • soundscharlie, Sat Jul 28 04:49
              please send pics.
          • penis urethral streching.cronshey, Sat Dec 12 18:43
            I have found that it takes a while. Have something like a penis plug that is larger than the hole. Lubricate and use pressure to try to work it in. There might be a little blood but keep trying. It... more
            • urethral stretchingdookie, Mon Dec 14 08:16
              Question? Why would you make your dick bleed ,when the stretch is what feels so good? Sounds come in increasing sizes so as to eventually get it larger. Plus, why would you not want to feel what... more
        • urethral penetrationRobert Bottrill, Wed Sep 23 11:41
          I forgot to say that I would love to cum by way of electro stimulation kind of hands free. to feel myself squirting with my hands by my side. Heaven. Bob
        • Penetration in to the penis soundingKam, Wed Sep 16 04:10
          I have been doing penis penetration from when a buddy was doing it to himself once when we were all having a guy video JO party. We all checked it out as it looked like it would hurt, some of the... more
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