Wed Aug 5, 2009 23:21

Howdy potatohead,I've used phone wire cable with the wire removed and the end melted shut. In fact, being a novice,
I put so much in my urethra that I reached my bladder.
When I tried to remove it,it was coiled and needed to be jerked out. No problem ,but a note of caution.It feels great ,but!!
I'll try the tubing.

  • Sound Alternativespotatohead, Tue Mar 21 00:49
    I have found that 1/4" clear (ice maker) tubing works great when the end has been rounded / sanded and polished smooth. I started with that, then moved up to 3/8" tubing, same end treatment. Most... more
    • sounding — dookie, Wed Aug 5 23:21
      • Reply 2 DookieKD, Sun Oct 25 00:52
        Hey Dookie, Thanks fore the reply Bro I will admit I'm really not all that knowledgeable about the ways & don't, I just know what I like and this sure works works fore me. I'd like to exchange more... more
      • soundingdookie, Thu Oct 22 23:36
        Hi fellow dicksters. Yes, very pleasurable to feel your dick filled with stainless steel. Finally got a set of sounds and just the act of insertion is unbelievable. It would be fun to share with... more
        • Re: soundingAnonymous, Fri Dec 17 09:20
          resin solder twisted into nots everfew inches , is real nice shoved in and out of hot cock, dipped in vicks , be care full after a few weeks , as solder will break down, should be dicarded after a... more
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