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Thu Oct 22, 2009 23:55

KD, It is a great feeling , but a note of caution about cumming with a sound in your cock. I've read that there is
a lot of pressure when you juice and that may cause a back-up
in your plumbing. Probably better to remove it before you jack to orgasm.
Also,when you sound your cock is flaccid, as you can't take a sound safely when hard. Your plumbing has a curve in it.
I use a van buren sound that has a curve and it won't go down a hard dick -unless pushed- and that would ... you up,big time!!Go easy on the pecker, as what would you do with out it?

  • Prodding our Peehole's KD, Wed Sep 16 05:47
    I have been doing penis penetration from when a buddy was doing it to himself once when we were all having a guy video JO party. We all checked it out as it looked like it would hurt, some of the... more
    • sounding — dookie, Thu Oct 22 23:55
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