Reply 2 Dookie
Sun Oct 25, 2009 00:52

Hey Dookie, Thanks fore the reply Bro I will admit I'm really not all that knowledgeable about the ways & don't, I just know what I like and this sure works works fore me. I'd like to exchange more with Ya, and other guys about this cause it's so strange guys don't seam to want to talk back at you; just make a statement and gone. Only exchange I get is like at a group last week & I would sure like to know more about a 'van buren'; hell I'd like to know more=! Look to hear back from Ya, and thank's......
Stay safe, KD

  • soundingdookie, Wed Aug 5 23:21
    Howdy potatohead,I've used phone wire cable with the wire removed and the end melted shut. In fact, being a novice, I put so much in my urethra that I reached my bladder. When I tried to remove it,it ... more
    • Reply 2 Dookie — KD, Sun Oct 25 00:52
    • soundingdookie, Thu Oct 22 23:36
      Hi fellow dicksters. Yes, very pleasurable to feel your dick filled with stainless steel. Finally got a set of sounds and just the act of insertion is unbelievable. It would be fun to share with... more
      • Re: soundingAnonymous, Fri Dec 17 09:20
        resin solder twisted into nots everfew inches , is real nice shoved in and out of hot cock, dipped in vicks , be care full after a few weeks , as solder will break down, should be dicarded after a... more
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