urethral stretching
Mon Dec 14, 2009 08:16

Question? Why would you make your dick bleed ,when the stretch is what feels so good? Sounds come in increasing sizes so as to eventually get it larger. Plus, why would you not want to feel what you're doing with your self? ie- lidocaine. The feelings of penetration are wonderful.Your right.It does take patience.
The sound should slide in on it's own.The feeling of surrender,ahhhhh.

  • penis urethral streching.cronshey, Sat Dec 12 18:43
    I have found that it takes a while. Have something like a penis plug that is larger than the hole. Lubricate and use pressure to try to work it in. There might be a little blood but keep trying. It... more
    • urethral stretching — dookie, Mon Dec 14 08:16
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