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sounds and adult toys
Mon Feb 1, 2010 22:33

hi all i just bought a set of hager sounds and been trying them for two months now,i started out using pratt"s and out grew them,iam working to en large my urethral opening,why ? becouse it feels great to be able to rod myself instead of drilling some woman for a change,not that there is anything wrong with that,theres not,though i being gay i perfer being on the receiving end instead,and i love to suck to much to wont to change,i love men what can i say?anyways my goal is to be able to insert a finger into my cock,iam now able to stick just the end of my little finger in it right now,does anyone out there know how long it takes to get it that size without cutting? i like to here from anyone who uses sounds may be you can help me my cell# 352-434-6078 iam charlie,also are anyone into using adult toys such as dildos,or bats yes bats i use bats alot and love them too,i got pictures i will share if anyone wonts to see them adults only please,iam trying to find where i can get them posted.

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