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urethral sounds and penis plugs
Thu Feb 11, 2010 16:32

i use urethral sounds due to i have sugar and i build up k-stones,before i started using my sounds i kept getting k-stones and when they did come out they cut me to pieces inside my urethral walls,and i bleed allot sometimes for days,my doctors were about to operate on me and then i would had gone on a machine for the rest of my life,i heard of sounds and decided to try them,i did not even know what they were or how to use them,but i did not wont surgery.after buying my sounds i started out slow,the smallest then moved up and up i nitced that when i did get stones they did not hurt me like before,and i did not bleed as much either,iam not saying that use of urethral sounds is for everyone but iam glad i tried them,i now have streched my urethral opening to fit a size 12mm in hager sounds,and plan to continue to strech it till i can put a finger in it,i keep pictures of my streching why becouse i wont to see from day one to when i get where i wont it to be,i found that everytime i use my sounds i get off and cum three times the amount i once did,is that normal? i wont to here from others men or women who uses sounds in my area tavares,fl. iam planning to buy penis plugs soon too,thanks for ur time,charlie

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