streching the urethral hole
Wed Apr 21, 2010 16:30

charlie here;i have streched my urethral opening to a size 13 in hager sounds now,and though i just gotton up to that size iam planning to open it up even larger,my goal is a 18 in hager which is very big..why do i do it? k- stones,yes i have sugar and get k-stones of all sizes,and they cut on the way out cousing bleeding bad for days,my opening my urethral helps the stones pass without alot of pain and bleeding,thats why iam sounding and streching my urethral hole,but it is true streching ones urethral hole also is a turn on as well..but dangerous one could couse alot of damages if done wrong,or get infections bad..if ur tools are not cleaned and disifected...mens urethral holes are some what like a womans pussy there are alot of nerves that when touched right couses one to cum and alot there is a sexual plus here,if done right...all i know is i like doing it so iam going to continue to do so.and yes i do have pictures

  • penis urethral streching.MacVicar901, Sat Dec 12 17:38
    How do you stretch a pee hole. The only way I have done it so far is by getting used to one size then advancing to a thicker size instrument. I am working on stretching my urethra but it seems to be... more
    • streching the urethral hole — charlie, Wed Apr 21 16:30
      • Please send me picsSubir Singha, Mon Nov 5 07:32
        Hello Charlie, I am very pleased to read your massage and I am now fan of you.Please send me the picture of those.I will be very greatfull of you. Thank you Subir
      • soundscharlie, Sat Jul 28 04:49
        please send pics.
    • penis urethral streching.cronshey, Sat Dec 12 18:43
      I have found that it takes a while. Have something like a penis plug that is larger than the hole. Lubricate and use pressure to try to work it in. There might be a little blood but keep trying. It... more
      • urethral stretchingdookie, Mon Dec 14 08:16
        Question? Why would you make your dick bleed ,when the stretch is what feels so good? Sounds come in increasing sizes so as to eventually get it larger. Plus, why would you not want to feel what... more
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