Re: Urethral Penetration
Thu Apr 22, 2010 14:33

am fairly new to all of this, have tried it several times over the past couple of years but have always been a little scared of causing damage, but love the feeling, i finally showed wife what i liked and she did it for me, was a huge turn-on. even got to try it on her and she loved the feeling but was obviously a little freaked out. used a glass stir rod. would love to see pics or videos of someone else actually doing this. is a big turn on for me and wife. send me some pics if you have any and any usefull info on other homemade tools to use

  • Urethral PenetrationR from Canada, Mon May 23 16:58
    I've gotten into sounding these last six months and feel I've mastered it. It's a lot trickier to Do It Right than you might think, although all the tricks are fairly obvious once you know them. The... more
    • Check these!Jimmy, Wed Feb 8 12:36
      Feel free to view, comment, rate and share my sounding videos :D http://www.xtube.com/community/profile.php?user=urethralplay http://xhamster.com/user/tumblrsndng I am also on cam4... more
    • questionme, Tue Nov 23 00:47
      how do you get to the urethra with thedittel sound? Is there any special angle to reach it. I just started sounding a few month ago. any advice? thanks Al
    • Re: Urethral Penetration — randy, Thu Apr 22 14:33
      • Urethral Penetrationcronshey, Sat Apr 24 02:01
        Randy-It is a great feeling, a new sensation of ones self. I would like to discuss the subject with you, if you wish. I have pictures of interest. I have been involved in this for some time. If you... more
      • urethal play charlie, Fri Apr 23 22:54
        this is to randy and his wife hi guy yes i do have some pictures of me using my hager sounds that i would be glad to share with you and ur wife as well as to all other readers a like.just email me at ... more
      • soundscronshey, Fri Apr 23 05:51
        Randy - I have some picture if I know where to send them. Call me 702-596-6962.
        • picsRandy, Sat Apr 24 02:46
          would love to see some pics or videos. also if you know where i could see some pics of women enjoying sounding. you can send the pics to my email rwhit1928@yahoo.com Thanks ! Randy
    • Medical exam!Bobby, Mon Apr 12 15:52
      If you are interested in GIVING and Receiving medical exams and including Sound please write to me directly at: drbob006@yahoo.com you must be 18yrs of age or OLDER and be in NJ/NYC metro area. Thanks
    • Urethral PenetrationS in Usa, Sun Mar 14 16:06
      I have also just stumbled upon such play and am intrigued with it and have tried it on myself using a Q-tip and loved it. I would love to hear from others who are into this also.
      • urethral penetrationcronshey, Mon Mar 15 05:48
        I have been into this the last couple of years. It takes many weeks to get any thing of any size inside the hole. The obstruction is just inside the hole. Past that the inside channel will stretch... more
        • HiAnonymous, Mon Mar 15 12:35
          I would love to find out more about this please feel free anytime to contact me at me e-mail also is ok Tickleinsheersocks@yahoo.com
    • urethral penetrationdookie, Mon Oct 26 06:23
      R from Canada. Just found this site recently.Are you still around these parts? Hit me up and let's talk. Seems you know what you're doing!
    • Prodding our Penis Peehole's KD, Wed Sep 16 06:03
      I have been doing penis penetration from when a buddy was doing it to himself once when we were all having a guy video JO party. We all checked it out as it looked like it would hurt, some of the... more
    • Urethral PenetrationMacVicar901, Thu Mar 5 19:57
      I have gotten into penis penetration and would like to safely start doing it. I discovered the traumatic pleasure at my doctors office when I had to see a urologist. He stuck a camera tube up my... more
      • Your DoctorKD, Wed Sep 16 06:12
        Thought about it and, what did your Doc do with your hard prick in his hand when doing this; cause Ya described the feeling and Ya got turned on by it enough to keep doing it; so what the Doc. do?... more
    • uethral soundingJean-Luc, Sun Feb 18 19:11
      Very curious about trying this. Would love to meet someone who is into it for guidance and and instruction. Hope to hear back from you.
      • male urethral soundingrahines37, Fri Jun 10 20:10
        Hi II have been sounding my cock for 15 yrs. and just bought a set of Van Buren sounds. love to talk with you about it sometime? my email is rahines37@hotmail.com I can email a picture of myself when ... more
    • Urethral PenetrationPJ mich, Tue Dec 27 01:13
      R , I could use some advise. I am very excited about getting into this. I am researching the hell out of it and will take any advice you can give me. PJ
      • Urethral Penetration - SoundingR, Tue Dec 27 13:11
        These sites have good advice on sound play safety: http://www.chaseunion.com / http://www.medicaltoys.com/lib-soundplay.htm http://www.kinkymedical.net / This message should show my email address;... more
        • ContactMacVicar901, Thu Mar 5 20:09
          Hi. I would love to contact you on this subject. I am new and only had it done four times. Twice with a q-tip and vaseline, an unsuccessful attempt with my finger, and at my urologist office -... more
    • Urethral PenetrationIgnorant, Sat Dec 3 07:48
      I have done this since I was pretty young and as a straight male I never shared this with anyone. You used the word "sound" what is that? Where can one find this? I have been using a length of 18... more
      • Fuller the SounderKD, Wed Sep 16 06:44
        Hey Ignorant, Are Ya still into this prob, prod, sounding? well I'm an long timer at it too but sure would like any mew & or interesting stuff about it; I'm a bi guy and my wife dose it fore me some... more
      • Urethral PenetrationMacVicar901, Fri Mar 6 21:36
        Hi. I appreciate your letter. I always wondered what to use. I like the idea of thermometers and the clear rubber model airplane fuel line. Explain to me the silicone tubing. And what do you use as a ... more
      • soundsTed, Tue Dec 13 02:06
        You can find urethral sounds at Chase Union, Kinky Medical, Medical Toys, etc. Type "urethral sounds" into Google and various sites will pop up. There are various types of urethral sounds. Read each... more
        • Sound AlternativeIgnorant, Sat Dec 31 06:41
          Thanks for the info Ted! I have done some searching on the "sounds" and found a very effective and cheap alternitive of this at a local Bar supply store near the house. SWIZZLE sticks, or stir... more
          • Glass Stir wandsKD, Wed Sep 16 06:26
            Hey thaqt's what I started out using but were did Ya find them that are big in dia. the one I have & still use is only about 1"1/4 around. If Ya have any new prob toys let me know. Stay safe, KD
          • soundspaul, Sun Mar 5 13:12
            hi all--i have had an interest in medical urologics for many years, and have been cathed and dilated and urodynamics have been performed! WHAT A FEELING! cAN'T GET ENUF, ESP WHEN THE LADIES ARE... more
            • Sound Alternativespotatohead, Tue Mar 21 00:49
              I have found that 1/4" clear (ice maker) tubing works great when the end has been rounded / sanded and polished smooth. I started with that, then moved up to 3/8" tubing, same end treatment. Most... more
              • soundingdookie, Wed Aug 5 23:21
                Howdy potatohead,I've used phone wire cable with the wire removed and the end melted shut. In fact, being a novice, I put so much in my urethra that I reached my bladder. When I tried to remove it,it ... more
                • Reply 2 DookieKD, Sun Oct 25 00:52
                  Hey Dookie, Thanks fore the reply Bro I will admit I'm really not all that knowledgeable about the ways & don't, I just know what I like and this sure works works fore me. I'd like to exchange more... more
                • soundingdookie, Thu Oct 22 23:36
                  Hi fellow dicksters. Yes, very pleasurable to feel your dick filled with stainless steel. Finally got a set of sounds and just the act of insertion is unbelievable. It would be fun to share with... more
                  • Re: soundingAnonymous, Fri Dec 17 09:20
                    resin solder twisted into nots everfew inches , is real nice shoved in and out of hot cock, dipped in vicks , be care full after a few weeks , as solder will break down, should be dicarded after a... more
          • Sound AlternativeTed, Tue Jan 3 19:13
            The glass stir sticks do work well. One caution, though: be very careful of them. The plumbing is not a straight line. If you crack or break them, you could have pain in your urethra for the rest of... more
    • penetrationBob, Wed May 25 04:43
      Thank you for your guidance. I am slowly getting there and your advice will assist me greatly. Keep in touch. Bob
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