Urethral Penetration
Sat Apr 24, 2010 02:01

Randy-It is a great feeling, a new sensation of ones self. I would like to discuss the subject with you, if you wish. I have pictures of interest. I have been involved in this for some time. If you would like to talk, call me. seven zero two five nine six six nine six two

  • Re: Urethral Penetrationrandy, Thu Apr 22 14:33
    am fairly new to all of this, have tried it several times over the past couple of years but have always been a little scared of causing damage, but love the feeling, i finally showed wife what i... more
    • Urethral Penetration — cronshey, Sat Apr 24 02:01
    • urethal play charlie, Fri Apr 23 22:54
      this is to randy and his wife hi guy yes i do have some pictures of me using my hager sounds that i would be glad to share with you and ur wife as well as to all other readers a like.just email me at ... more
    • soundscronshey, Fri Apr 23 05:51
      Randy - I have some picture if I know where to send them. Call me 702-596-6962.
      • picsRandy, Sat Apr 24 02:46
        would love to see some pics or videos. also if you know where i could see some pics of women enjoying sounding. you can send the pics to my email Thanks ! Randy
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