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sounding deep
Mon Oct 25, 2010 15:03

well you can sound deep;i myself sound 12''deep;but thats when i use my pratt sounds they are longer than hagers.and have a flat end to hang on too when using them.though i don't always go that deep.i perfer to just enter about a inch or two.but again i must warn about infections too.keep ur sounds very clean/never share them with anyone not even lover's.and use the right kind of lubes too,water base is the best i found..those who has never used sounds all i got to say is be careful its not for everyone.thanks

  • sounding deepAnonymous, Sun Oct 24 12:10
    how deep can i go with my rod i go in about 9" they say you can go in about 10 or 11. and should i us a bent or staight rod..
    • sounding deep — charlie, Mon Oct 25 15:03
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