Re: sounding
Fri Dec 17, 2010 09:20

resin solder twisted into nots everfew inches , is real nice shoved in and out of hot cock, dipped in vicks , be care full after a few weeks , as solder will break down, should be dicarded after a month ,,, best cock stopper is a chrisler valiant push rod , make sure its clean , vicks again will solve all probs ,, love it,,, I find about 11 and a 1/4 inches is enough penitration,,

  • soundingdookie, Thu Oct 22 23:36
    Hi fellow dicksters. Yes, very pleasurable to feel your dick filled with stainless steel. Finally got a set of sounds and just the act of insertion is unbelievable. It would be fun to share with... more
    • Re: sounding — Anonymous, Fri Dec 17 09:20
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