Pisshole Stuff
Fri Jun 10, 2011 19:47

Hi I just joined, I have been sounding my cock for 15 yrs off and on. I just purchased a set of van buren sounds. I would also like to meet or email other dudes into sounding. my contact email is: rahines37@hotmail.com and my name is Rick
Have a good one!

  • Pisshole Stuffkamera9, Tue Dec 15 23:05
    Hey Bro, I would/wood like to meet other men that also, stuff things in & out of their dicks/prods,penis, pecker,dongs, shaft the good hot juice squirts out of on to or in to; depending on the place... more
    • Pisshole Stuff — rahines37, Fri Jun 10 19:47
    • i sound my pee hole toocharlie, Mon Feb 1 22:46
      hi yes i use sounds in my pee hole too have done it for sometime now i love it too,iam trying to strech it to where i can stick my finger down it,right now i can stick my little finger in about a... more
      • Re: i sound my pee hole tooAnonymous, Fri Dec 17 08:50
        love it but then Im only 73,, tv airel is good , use vick as lub no prob , give it heaps ,,, love it , better than sex ,also car push rods , vicks stops in fiction
        • Re: i sound my pee hole tooAnonymous, Fri Dec 17 09:04
          ti your balls up real tight , make them turn blue , love it at 73, every 3 days , drives me mad , cant get enough ,,, use vicks as lub , no doctors and no infection ,,11inch steel rod or flower... more
          • Burning after soundingAnonymous, Mon Jun 13 18:24
            Hi Why does it burn after sounding When i piss it burns I use alot of lub but still burns! I love sounding it is so hot and i dont want to stop
            • burningcharlie, Wed Jun 15 12:23
              hi burning; it sounds like one or two things. one it could be where ur hole is streaching inside widening,or it could be a infection.which i would beleive thats why it burns,if u didnot clean ur... more
            • Burning Sensationcronshey, Wed Jun 15 02:04
            • answerdidier, Tue Jun 14 07:07
              is your lub Good? is your sound thick?....too much..thick ? Excuse my too bad english kisses didier
      • Bat Up Bell-freekamera9, Tue Feb 2 03:19
        I look to see what ya got Bro, send some pixs of Ya over to us lets have a look at what Ya got; just show me the finger insurting your pisshole bit, first then we'll talk about Ya with any stuff up... more
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