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ur advise on bleeding.
Sat Oct 6, 2012 16:50

hi ur advise is great and true too;u seam to know what ur talking bout which is great;i too went threw the same thing when i first started sounding; when i started to bleed i was scared to say the least.but learned it happens to the best of us,today i still sound alot.using the right lubes;water base;and using sounds ment to be used where iam putting them,and not using things that should not go there,such as knitting needles;ink pens;markers;things like please use sounds like hagers;prats; and please keep them cleaned and never ever allow others to touch or use them on themselfs and then use them on yourselfs.charlie

  • sounding and blod in urine.i cronshey, Tue Dec 14 19:03
    Bleeding should stop in a few hours or a couple of days. For the next few days be careful where you put your dick. Not in someones ass. not in someones pussy, not in some ones mouth and be care with... more
    • ur advise on bleeding. — charlie, Sat Oct 6 16:50
    • blood is stoppedkhanwaja, Wed Dec 15 00:25
      Thanks for replying, blood is stopped from yesterday which is good sign, till now didn't even touched my shaft ;) shall i wait further to play with my shaft or its ok now to play with it (not... more
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