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Re: Cock Sounding
Sun Oct 30, 2016 06:02

Hi there again!!! sorry I don't know your name??
Acknowledge that you so obviously like your cock sounding experience (kool) & are interested in picking up my cock sounding manuals & accordingly I'm very happy to forward same to you.
Can you please establish contact with me direct on
When one is happy to read whatever it maybe that is indeed an indication that you are also happy to learn.
I'm sure I can assist you with some mature cock sounding information etc.
Will wait to hear form you!!

Kindest regards, Brendon

  • urethral/sounding stretchingean, Sat Oct 29 07:04
    HI there, I'm really interested in your offer of your manuals as I like this experience very much and I'm interested to find out more on the subject so how do I get your manuals please,like I said... more
    • Re: Cock Sounding — papamoawave, Sun Oct 30 06:02
      • urethral/sounding stretchingean, Sun Oct 30 10:51
        Hi Brendon I have just emailed you looking forward to you help and advice on this subject
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