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Re: urethral sounding dangers
Fri Jan 5, 2018 18:18

I've been sounding and stretching my urethra for years. If you use clean tools lots of lube and don't overdo it I've never had a problem.

  • urethral sounding dangers Carl , Tue Jun 29 07:15
    WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING URETHRAL SOUNDING DANGERS If I save even one man from the agony, pain and embarrassment of what I just went through by urethral sounding I will be... more
    • Re: urethral sounding dangers — Anonymous, Fri Jan 5 18:18
    • Dangers?aroberts1000, Mon Feb 2 19:53
      After an accident resulted in a temporary foley and the ongoing need to use a foley and/or straight cath sometimes it was awful! Changing the foley lead to bleeding a couple of times, hated it. Then... more
    • SOUNDING STRECHINGcharlie, Thu Jul 1 19:37
      hi iam writing this to imform all the reader's that if your thinking about using sounds or streching your urethral opening.if your serious about trying it you really should talk it over with your... more
    • urethral blockheadkamera9, Thu Jul 1 02:58
      Hey Urethral blockhead, If you had a history of penis problyms...what the hell were Ya around with it any way; I don't think your dick is the only thing messed up...glad your insured..but I... more
      • ur comment charlie, Thu Jul 1 17:56
        hi got ur rude reply to my comment and i can see that you do not know what your taalking about when it comes to the use of sounds,or talking to others as well.your reply is at the least un called... more
        • Sorrykamera9, Thu Jul 1 19:32
          Hey Bro, Hold back one hot-flash I only meant to tell others (i.e.) you too; that messing with an area of one's body is a tricky thing at best... You had a blockage that was "professionally" taken... more
          • your e-mail bout soundingcharlie, Thu Jul 1 19:49
            ok; iam sorry too. got ur last email bout my use of sounds.and why i use them as well;what you did not know is i have been trained in the medical fields on the use of sounds.and iam not just out here ... more
    • urethral play/soundingcharlie, Wed Jun 30 18:18
      hi; read ur letter about ur pains,sorry that you had to go through all that you did and are going through..i will be the first to admit that sounding can be dangerous;and less one knows what there... more
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