Florida modifies Cash-3 game
Tue Aug 17, 2010 2:11pm

TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Lottery is introducing a brand new way to play CASH 3™ with an exciting new feature called 1-OFF™. The new play type, which allows players to miss one or more of the 3 digits in their CASH 3 number by one and still win, will be available on CASH 3 purchases beginning August 23, 2010.

“We are excited that our players will now have even more ways to play and win CASH 3 prizes. The odds of winning 1-OFF are the best of any CASH 3 play type,” said Vicki Munroe, director of product development for the Florida Lottery.

CASH 3 is the game where you can play today and get paid today; and now, by adding 1-OFF, players will have 26 additional chances to win. 1-OFF players who match the winning CASH 3 number in Straight order will win $250 for a $1 play. Those who match the winning CASH 3 number with one of the 26 possible 1-OFF combinations, as shown on their ticket, will win $10 for a $1 play.

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