Lottery Addition Calculator Idea
Sat Jan 29, 2011 8:01pm

It would be nice if someone could make a lottery calculator, where when the numbers were chosen that they would show the sum of what they added up to. It is very time consuming trying to figure that sort of thing out manually. This strategy works like a lottery wheeling system where each pick is different but equal the same sum when added together. Here is an example
and so on.
It would be a really great tool for people who play the lottery.
Maybe if you put the numbers 1-59 so that most of the pick 6/49 and powerball and mega millions were covered that when the numbers were picked it would add them up automatically each time a number was picked or un-picked like put a check mark by the numbers you wanted or uncheck any number and choose another number it would add them up that way or maybe a lottery calculator that had slider selectors that slide along the calculator and placed on the numbers that was to be chosen and the number be added as the numbers were chosen that way. I've been searching for something like this, I can't download any programs because I get online with an msntv2 unit similar to web tv, but I can use some javascript and online calculators with it. Does anyone know of any programs like this?

Thank You. Have A Nice Day. :)
Sincerely gollypop

    • Lottery CalculatorSteve, Mon Mar 14 9:04am
      I'm not sure if this is what you wanted. I created 2 Excel files. One for the Pick 5 lottery game and a second for the Pick 6 lottery game. Here is the download link to the zip file:... more
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