NJ 5 & 6
Sun Jul 10, 2011 11:12am

Whether you are using the the old Gaming Management System or the newer Lottery Manager 4, it is just a matter of selecting and downloading the New Jersey games from our Game File Updates page on our web site (http://jpmcomputer.com/gfupdate.html) and extracting the zip file into your VersaBet folder. The NJ games will then be available for selection within the program.

  • NJ Cash 5 SoftwareDMV, Sat May 28 3:26pm
    In the mid 90's I used versabet (DOS) with a friend. Would like to purchase a new package that handles NJ cash 5 and Pick 6. Which package do you recommend?
    • NJ 5 & 6 — JPM Computer, Sun Jul 10 11:12am
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