For Sale, 510 GNR and a 410 GNR handguns. With Gary Blessing
Wed Dec 1, 2010 14:21

The 510 GNR is a 2 tone 510 Hunter with a 6 inch barrel. Built on a Blackhawk frame. Has the Bisley style grip with stag grips,with a V notch rear sight, and a green fiber optic front sight. I have 510 GNR Dies from Gary Reeder. I have 300 new 510 GNR head stamped cases, 550 to 600 of the 350 LFN hard cast bullets from Montana Bullet works, and 2 new 100 each boxes of 315 gr. hard cast from Andy Rowe made by Montana Bullet works. I also have a lot of loaded ammo, some is reloaded by me, and I used the load data from Gary Reeder's reloading book, 171 rounds of 350 gr.. Also some factory 315 gr. from Andy Rowe 123 each and some once fired brass as well. I am asking $1800 for every thing shipped to you and your FFL in the lower 48. I paid $1850 just for the gun itself. This is well over $2400 worth of stuff. Only engraving on gun is on the cylinder of an Elk and a deer.

Second gun is a Ruger Redhawk 410 GNR, 7 1/2 inch barrel that was a 41 Mag, that was re-chambered by Gary Reeder to 410 GNR, it has a black vapor honed finish and Sumbar stag grips and Ruger ring that were also black vapor honed by Gary. Some engraving on gun includes a Hawk on the left and right side by grip. It does have AG engraved in front of the cylinder, not real big. I have a set of 410 reloading dies I got from Gary Reeder, also 100 New pieces of unformed head stamped 410 GNR brass from Andy Rowe. I have a lot of ammo as well, I have 150 rounds loaded by Andy Rowe that are 255 gr. hard cast and 62 each 210 gr. Hornady XTP loaded by me in specks with Gary Reeder's reloading manual and 80 240 gr. hard cast reloaded by me as well. Also have one box of 100 each 210 gr. Speer GDHP bullets, and 500 240 gr. Hard cast bullets from Montana Bullet works. Asking $1000 for it all shipped to you and your FFL. I have over $1500 in this.

I will take new pic's and will send them to anyone interested in buying either gun. Only selling each gun and components as a package deal, will not separate! E-mail me for pic's at Not looking for any trades.

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