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gary Reeder
ok you big caliber freaks, here you go
Fri Jun 10, 2011 17:49

About 2 weeks ago we got a big batch of our stretch frames in that I had planned to make into our Professional Hunter. I had already decided not to make any more BMF revolvers as I had mentioned on the forum. When Kase and I went thru the frames from the CNC shop to check them out and do a count on them, we opened up the small safe where we keep frames that need serial numbers and inside the safe were about $5500 worth of 5 shot cylinders in 500 S&W, already finished except for the fitting to a frame.

That posed a small problem. I do not want to build anymore BMFs as there are 100 of them out there already and I advertised the BMF as being a series of 100 guns, and making another batch only kills the value of the original 100. BUT, I am not going to waste over $5000 worth of cylinders that we built 5 years ago. So I sent off an overnight letter and registered a new logo with the Feds.

So, we will build up to 2 dozen of our new T.REX series in 500 S&W. There will be no 475 maximum or 500 Maximum, but there will be up to 2 dozen made in 500 S&W because that is how many cylinder blanks I have on hand.

So, if you have been wanting a BMF in 500 S&W, there won't be anymore made. But if you want a T. REX in 500 S&W, well, here is your chance. These new T.Rex revolvers are built on our own stretch frame and feature a beefy 5 shot cylinder,and heavy duty barrel in the length of your choice. The new T.REX also features our own longer gripframe in the Gunfighter Grip style. This new gripframe has a wider area between the back of the trigger guard and the front of the gripframe so no mashed knuckles. We shot the prototype with some heavy loads yesterday afternoon and no battered knuckles at all. Plus it is right at the same length as the Bisley gripframe but does not cost you several hundred dollars more as the Bisley gripframe, hammer & trigger do, because Ruger will not sell them anymore and I have to have them made, which is more costly. The T.REX can be made with Micarta, Corian, or laminated wood grips, your choice. It is also available in Mongolian Stag at a slight premium.

The prototype T.REX has laminated red and grey grips and a satin Vapor Honed finish on the gun with high polished small parts. As always you can have the serial number of your choice up to 10 letters. On the BMF it cost you more for this feature but on the T.REX is does not cost you extra.

The prototype T.REX has a 5 ported barrel, which I recommend. The gun will live longer as will your wrist and elbow. The engraving on the new T.REX is like the BMF, a classic style with only one small T.REX on the right side. Obviously with all our guns you can have it with no engraving other than what is required by law.

So here is the new T.REX, available in 500 S&W or any of the other smaller calibers that we chamber the stretch frame to.

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