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G2 Frame
Tue Nov 29, 2011 09:41

I was given a G2 frame with trigger job a few years ago. I received it and my wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer about the same time. Away to the safe it went where it has never been used.

Wife still around 2.5 years later and got around to trying frame. None of the 8 handgun or rifle barrels I have lock up tight on the frame. They all flop side to side on the frame. T/C when asked says send my frame and barrels and they will fit them. I don't want my barrels all fitted to this frame as I have two older Contender frames that I still use because I love the 12 ounce trigger and have several grip and stock setups for the old style Contender. I just want a G2 frame that works with most barrels. It works with none of mine at all.

Any thoughts on a course of action? I know if I send to T/C I will lose my trigger job, but I guess that is meaningless when the frame serves no function. Shouldn't T/C replace this frame? I don't want them modifying my barrels that work fine on old frames. Frustrating.

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