Fri Nov 6, 2015 04:51

I only knew Caitlyn for about a month when we were squad mates at the Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) in 2009. The thing I remember about her years later is that she was always smiling. No matter how dirty and tired we all got traipsing through the woods of Fort Lewis, there was a happiness she exuded that was contagious. It's like she was full of light.

I'm so sorry that she's gone. The world is a little darker without her in it.



  • Dear Friends.............Byron, Fri Mar 4 15:42
    Sorry for the delay in follow up. I was with Jon last weekend and reviewed the layout for his memorial revolver. He wants the "Ultimate Vaquaro" with 4.5" barrel in .45 Colt, Gunfighter grip, free... more
    • Condolences — Chris, Fri Nov 6 04:51
    • Sorry, Byron.Carl, Fri Mar 4 21:49
      I lost a son in 1994. I won't say it gets easier with the years, but it gets less hard.
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