Headlights refuse to turn off
Wed Jan 15, 2014 7:30pm

Yeah dah, I did forget the car, its a l971 TR 6, guess I was wrapped up in the problem. I agree somewhat that it's in what I finished; however, when I tested the lights and markers everything was working fine. Once I taped and solder the ends is when the issue popped up. I do have two "loose wires" that came from the old headlights and wiring system, but I tapped them off. If I put them together the headlights come on and stay on, but they're separated so I'll go back to the drawing board. thanks in advance.

  • Re: Headlights refuse to turn offwebmaster@britishcarlinks.com, Wed Jan 15 12:36am
    It's all about signal path. You'll have to trace back the power from the headlights to find out what path it is taking to bypass the headlight switch (a simple test light will allow you to do this).... more
    • Headlights refuse to turn off — larry fuller, Wed Jan 15 7:30pm
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