Karyn Hascal
fuel pump
Sun Feb 8, 2015 1:37pm

Boxing it up and sending it back to Moss! We are thinking that maybe the floats in the carbs are stuck. Put the old pump back on and it works but the carbs are still not getting fuel. Thinking maybe it a clogged fuel line, filter or floats in the carbs

  • fuel pumpJim, Sun Feb 8 11:01am
    If the pump doesn't click (pump) it is an electrical problem. Recheck all connections. The pump doesn't need to be under a load to pump. If all connections look good, and it still doesn't work, put a ... more
    • fuel pump — Karyn Hascal, Sun Feb 8 1:37pm
      • fuel pumpJim, Sun Feb 8 2:00pm
        Disconnect the fuel line at the carbs to check gas flow to the carbs.
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