Sun Mar 8, 2015 1:12pm

Hello rover enthusiast here looking for some information on availability of parts, seals, specialty tools.. Etc
I am presently located in Canada I have A wonderful 68 TC 2000 the car is completely stripped and I'm starting from the ground up.
Looking for seals and grommets,dust boots,specialty tools etc.
Does anyone have Ruth's New number in British Columbia ?
Her number listed is no longer in service..
Thanks again for your help and your time looking forward to getting this car on the road
Thank you RMJP

    • Rover bitsROAR, Tue Aug 15 1:09am
      I have a 3500s for parts if you need any even the totally unique upholstery! I knew of a shop in Los Angeles and XK's Unlimited is a dealer here in Calif.
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