Al Evans
Engine block
Sat Jan 23, 2016 11:47am

I have a 69 1275 engine block that has one cylinder with a few divets in the wall of the cylinder (3mm). Can this be bored out or do I need liners. If liners are needed, do I have to put liners in all 4 cylinders?

Thank You,
Al Evans

    • Re: Engine blockDwainG, Mon Jan 25 12:17am
      Probably just sleeve the one cylinder, but all cylinders need to be measured for wear. If worn more than a few thousandths they could all be bored to .010" - .020" over. Is this in an Alpine?
    • cylinderMichael Rogers, Sun Jan 24 2:48am
      Three MM seems to be a pretty big gouge--about .06" I don't know if you can bore that engine .060" like some others. It would be much less expensive to just sleeve that cylinder and use the old... more
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