Michael Rogers
Sun Jan 24, 2016 2:48am

Three MM seems to be a pretty big gouge--about .06" I don't know if you can bore that engine .060" like some others. It would be much less expensive to just sleeve that cylinder and use the old pistons Vs having to buy all new.

  • Engine blockAl Evans, Sat Jan 23 11:47am
    I have a 69 1275 engine block that has one cylinder with a few divets in the wall of the cylinder (3mm). Can this be bored out or do I need liners. If liners are needed, do I have to put liners in... more
    • Re: Engine blockDwainG, Mon Jan 25 12:17am
      Probably just sleeve the one cylinder, but all cylinders need to be measured for wear. If worn more than a few thousandths they could all be bored to .010" - .020" over. Is this in an Alpine?
    • cylinder — Michael Rogers, Sun Jan 24 2:48am
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