Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:51am

I'd look in your radiator, oil and see if there's water dripping from your cold exhaust indicating a leaking head gasket. I'd then do a compression test to see if all the cylinders are about the same. It's possible that your dizzy has moved which would cause the engine to heat AND run poorly so check your timing. There's also the possibility that somehow you've a hose off or such that caused a very lean mixture which could burn a valve or piston.

  • Too hot TRbuilderbill, Mon Aug 14 4:37pm
    Our TR-6 overheated for the first time. Several days later replaced thermostat and rad cap. Now it won't idle and runs very rough. What happened?
    • too hot triumphbuilderbill, Tue Aug 15 6:21pm
      What I found today water pump leaks, sticky exhaust valve, 5th from front of engine. Sprayed with PB Blaster. Now What?
    • SUMPUN AINT RITE! — ROAR, Tue Aug 15 12:51am
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