Tue Aug 15, 2017 1:02am

Whats this a Mk-V? relays don't have polarity, just buy a couple of cheap, simple SPST relays put a flasher before them with a SPDT switch (L & R) and wire to the lamps.
Come to think of it--WHY not just omit any relays and wire from the L & R switch to the lamps?? I like relays so there's no voltage drop to lamps but the led bulbs don't pull much amperage

  • 1947 Jag turn signalsRod Faurot, Thu Jul 6 1:21pm
    I would like to install turn signals using existing turn signal switch and brake lights. I have turned the bakup light into a stop light.A trailer adapter module would work well but most are made for ... more
    • electrics — ROAR, Tue Aug 15 1:02am
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