Tue Nov 7, 2017 12:42am

You seem to be intimidated by a Rolls, Of course it will be very carefully made but I think it's much easier to work on than any German or even relatively new car. German cars ARE very good but Germans do everything their own way so if you've worked on Italian, French, Swedish, American cars lots different with German cars. Rolls may well have a few procedures that will be better done but Like Jaguar, Lagonda and Aston Martin will be no more difficult than an Austin Healey 3000. A friend that had a German car shop complained that every year he had to buy $2500 of new tools to work on them. My factory Lagonda manual is a leaflet, my newish Escort a phone book!

  • Repairing a RR SILVER SHADOW.DavidSmith , Mon Nov 6 5:28pm
    Allan,among the many contacts you have. Who has the :SKILL and EXPERIENCE to make REPAIRS TO A : 1976 RR SILVER SGADOW? DavidSmith & LADY PRAETORIAN.
    • MECHANICAL SKILLS — MICHAEL Rogers, Tue Nov 7 12:42am
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