Tue Nov 7, 2017 12:50am

Is this the one in New Zealand that I shipped all the parts to you for? If so how's progress?
Mine was also a 34 EW and had big narrow drums front and rear with small KO wires. If the axles fit, no one is going to complain in that almost no one has ever seen one!

  • 1934 Wolseley EW hornet Specialdchristina, Fri Nov 13 6:34am
    We have one of these, chassis number 155286. Does any one know if the back axle number 303 and front axle number 630 is correct for this car.
    • Woilseley — Roar, Tue Nov 7 12:50am
      • 34EWAnonymous, Tue Nov 7 8:18am
        This is not the one in New Zealand, we are in the UK. We do have a 1934 EW hornet with full body, chassis, windscreen, hood frame and the rare parts including the original log book.
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