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Introducing Coach Gil Llacuna; Practice begins 2/11 Mon 3 pm
Mon Feb 4, 2013 8:49am

Here's the announcement and HI EVERYONE!

New Head Track Coach for College Park

Dear Falcon Track and Field Community,

We are pleased to announce that Coach Gil Llacuna is the new Head Track Coach for College Park.
Coach Llacuna has over 13 years of successful experience building track programs in the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO).
Practice will officially begin February 11, 2013 at 3:00 p.m. on the track.
We are very fortunate to have Coach Llacuna, and we look forward to the spring 2013 season.

If one of the team parents has the email addresses of previous cross country and track team members and their parents they might want to mail out this information and the link to the Discussion Board.
Recipients can save the link as a favorite, since the team websites haven't been available for some time (harder to find the disc board on your own), this may be the way to get info out.

Paula Ota

  • Thanks for the reply everyoneSt. Germain, Mon Feb 4 7:19am
    I appreciate it :) Susan, hello! I hear CP already has a new track coach! It is posted on the CP website at Looks like practice starts next week. Good luck Falcons on a... more
    • Introducing Coach Gil Llacuna; Practice begins 2/11 Mon 3 pm — OTA MOM, Mon Feb 4 8:49am
      • Discussion BoardSharon Ortolan, Mon Feb 4 12:22pm
        Glad to see the board is still active. Happy to hear there is a new coach. Sorry that the old website is gone. All the records, photos etc. are gone I guess. Hopefully a new one might appear so we... more
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