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Book of Shadows

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looking for a story
Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:41am

I'm trying to find a story where Leo has to unite the Charmed Ones. Phoebe is homeless, Piper lives in an apt and Prue is the only one in the Manor. Phoebe had come home from New York and Prue wouldn't let her back in the Manor and Piper got upset and moved out shortly after. Leo leads Pheoebe to Piper. Piper looks after Phoebe. Leo helps Prue see what has really happened. Does this story sound familiar to anyone? Any help to find it will be greatly appreciated!

    • The story is called One ChangeGary E Davis, Thu Aug 26 9:05pm
      I have the story saved on disk but I'm not the original author. I don't know if I can post it here Gary
      • i found it!Anonymous, Fri Aug 27 5:29pm
        I was able to find the story by searching the title. Thank you very much for your help! :)
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